C and C++

C is a arranged, step-by-step development terminology. It is commonly used both for os and program improvements. Many editions of UNIX based techniques are published in C terminology.It’s being quickly changed by C++, a superset of the C terminology that uses an entirely different set of development principles, and by Java, a terminology just like but easier than C++, that is developed for use in allocated techniques.

  • The contents for the language C/C++ are:
» Programming Languages
» Execution of C Program
» Header Files
» Variables, Data types, Operators
» Control Statements
» Loops
» Arrays
» Strings
» Functions
» Pointers
» Structures ,Unions ,Enumerations
» Bit Fields
» Preprocessor Directives
» File Handling
» Classes and Objects
» Constructors and Destructors
» Inheritance
» Polymorphism
» Templates
» Exceptions
» Graphics
» Mouse Handling