Microsoft .net

Windows is a server-side scripting structure that is used to make highly effective and entertaining Web programs. web page is an HTML web page which contains server-side programs that are prepared by a web hosting server before being sent to the customer's web browser.You can incorporate ASP with Extensible Mark-up Terminology (XML) and Hypertext Mark-up Terminology (HTML) to make highly effective entertaining Web programming is more "compact" than ASP code; the programs needed to execute a given operate are reduced in than they are in ASP.As the server-side program is making a frequent HTML web page, it can be provided to any web browser. An is a very highly effective language to develop highly effective websites.

.NET TECHNOLOGY Cources Contents Are
».NET Architecture
» .NET Tools
» Databound Controls
» Microsoft Application Block
» State Management Techniques
» Master Pages
» Javascript
» Jquery
» Assemblies
» Web User Control
» Window Mobile Application Development
» Application Development For Mobile Browsers
» Security
» Cookies
» Linq and PLinq
» System Namespace
» Web Services
» Silver Light/WPF
» Sharepont Server 2008
» URL Routing
» Software Development
» Creating Server Pages
  • C# Sharp Cources Contents Are
»Variable & Data types.
» Control Statements.
» Auto boxing, Arrays, Operators
» Object-Oriented Programming
» Inheritance and Polymorphism
» OOP in C#
» Garbage Collection
» Method Overloading, Overriding
» Web Forms
» MenuStrip, ToolbarStrip
» Creating and Managing Threads
» Thread Synchronization
» Working with Connection, Command
» Methods and data in a single class
» Class Fundamentals
» Using Objects
» Delegates and Events
» Abstract classes
» Partial classes
» Control statements
» Collections
» Events Handling
» Boxing Unboxing
» Jagged Array
» Indexers
» Exceptions