PHP Training -Course Structure
We will expert you in
»  Make effective, efficient PHP scripts
»  How to use PHP scripts in HTML pages to create dynamic Web pages
»  Manipulate data from Web page forms
»  Track users as they navigate your site with cookies and other PHP features
»  Structure PHP code using user-defined functions and external libraries
»  Develop database-enabled Web applications using MySQL
Benefits of PHP Course
»  Those creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites. Basic experience with HTML is assumed
»   Programming or PHP experience is helpful but not required.
Who Should Attend
In this course, you develop PHP scripts to perform a variety of tasks, culminating in the development of a full database-driven Web page.
Hands-On Training
After completion of Theoretical classes, you will be given live project to work on.
Our Training Process
Counseling with path finder expert
»  classroom session with sr. project managers
»  lab session with real time experts
»  real time projects and placements with career experts
PHP Training -Course Module
  • Unit 1: Introduction to PHP MySQL
»  Basic Knowledge of websites
»  Introduction of Dynamic Website
»  Introduction to PHP
»  Why and Scope of PHP
»  XAMPP and WAMP Installation
  • Unit 2: HTML, CSS
» Markup Languages
» Structure of HTML
» Basic HTML Tags
» Advanced HTML Tags
» Difference between HTML & XHTML
» XHTML Basics
» Introduction to Doc Types Web Design with CSS
» Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
» Types of Style Sheets
» Types of CSS Selectors
» CSS properties
» Converting Table layout to CSS
» Custom CSS Layout Design
» Creating simple and dropdown menus
» Creating Appealing forms using CSS
» CSS Tips and Optimization Techniques

  • Unit 3: PHP Programming Basics
»  Syntax of PHP
»  Embedding PHP in HTML
»  Embedding HTML in PHP
»  Introduction to PHP Variable
»  Understanding Data Types
»  Using Operators
»  Writing Statements and Comments
»  Using Conditional Statements
»  If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
»  Switch() Statements
»  Using the while() Loop
»  Using the for() Loop

  • Unit 4: PHP Functions
»  PHP Functions
»  Creating an Array
»  Modifying Array Elements
»  Processing Arrays with Loops
»  Grouping Form Selections with Arrays
»  Using Array Functions
»  Using Predefined PHP Functions
»  Creating User-Defined Functions

  • Unit 5: PHP Advanced Concepts
»  Reading and Writing Files
»  Reading Data from a File
»  Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
»  Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables
»  Destroying a Session
»  Storing Data in Cookies
»  Setting Cookies
»  Dealing with Dates and Times
»  Executing External Programs

  • Unit 6: Introduction to Database - MySQL Database
»  Understanding an RDBMS
»  Understanding a Relational Database
»  Introduction to MySQL Database
»  Understanding Tables, Records and Fields
»  Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys
»  Understanding SQL and SQL Queries
»  Understanding Database Normalization
»  Dealing with Dates and Times
»  Executing External Programs

  • Unit 7: Working with MySQL Database & Tables
»  Creating MySQL Databases
»  Creating Tables
»  Introduction to MySQL Database
»  Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
»  Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
»  Selecting a Table Type
»  Understanding Database Normalization
»  Altering Table and Field Names
»  Altering Field Properties
»  Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
»  Dropping Databases and Table Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

  • Unit 8: SQL and Performing Queries
»  Inserting Records
»  Editing and Deleting Records
»  Performing Queries
»  Retrieving Specific Columns
»  Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
»  Using Operators
»  Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
»  Limiting Results
»  Using Built-In Functions
»  Grouping Records
»  Joining Tables
»  Using Table and Column Aliases

  • Unit 9: Working with PHP & MySQ
»  Managing Database Connections
»  Processing Result Sets
»  Queries Which Return Data
»  Queries That Alter Data
»  Handling Errors

  • Unit 10: Java Script
»  Introduction to Java Script
»  Variables, operators, loops
»  Using Objects, Events
»  Common java script functions
»  Java Script Validations

  • Unit 11: PHP Project
»  Project Discussion
»  Requirements analysis of Project
»  Project code Execution
»  Project Testing

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