AVAPTECH has achieved high levels of maturation in application design, frameworks, strategies, tools and techniques on the Java structure and offers service, venture growth, servicing and support of Java-based programs.

AVAPTECH has excellent skills in J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Web Services, Wifi & XML Systems and has efficiently provided officially challenging pc as well as Web 2.0 programs such as Store Strategies Application, Payment Gateways, Unstructured Data Research Applications, Computational Informatics Application, Incorporation with and migration of History Systems

. JAVA Skill Sets Languages and Technologies: Java, J2EE, JSP, Swing, Servlets, Spring, Struts, JUnit, Eclipse Plugins, RMI, Javascript, XSLT, HTML. Web 2.0: AJAX frameworks, Adobe Flex/Flash, Java Server Faces (JSF), Spring WebFlow, JBoss Seam. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks: Hibernate, iBATIS, EJB3 Application Servers: IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Resin, SUNOne, Oracle 9i AS Integration Technologies: WebSphere MQ Series, WebSphere Message Broker/MQSI, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services IDE:Eclipse, Rational Application Developer (RAD)/WebSphere Studio Application Developer, IntelliJ IDEA, Net Beans, Borland JBuilder, Oracle JDeveloper Web Servers: Apache, SunOne, Netscape Collaboration: Microsoft Exchange 2007, Enterprise Exchange, Microsoft Conferencing Server, Workflow Designer Portals Servers: BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere